Pressure Induced Mixing and Crystallization Effects in Materials for Polymer Photovoltaic Cells

There is currently great interest in organic electronics, largely due to the ease with which polymers can be manufactured at much lower costs compared to their inorganic counterparts. The most popular route to process polymers in organic electronic applications is currently through spin coating from dilute solutions. However, conjugated polymers require organic ligands to make them soluble in organic solvents and hence solution processable and these ligands usually have a detrimental effect in the electronic properties of the materials because they hinder a more efficient crystallization of the rigid conjugated backbones. By comparison, in the commodity plastics industry solid state processing is ubiquitous, for mixing and forming of polymers and blends. The approaches used in these cases have not to date been adopted for organic electronics, but offer unique opportunities for both mixing and forming organic materials which cannot be processed either by solution or vapour phase. In this project, the forming and crystallization behaviour of polymer semiconductor materials was explored when subjected to pressure and temperature with the aim of attaining a better understanding of the solid state processing-structure-property relationships in these systems.

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